Evacuation of your family from Ukraine to Japan

We are deeply saddened to hear of the recent invasion to Ukraine and imagine your concern and anxiety for your family members in Ukraine. We hope that the situation will be brought to an end soon.

The YMCA was founded in London, England in 1844 and is one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations. It serves approximately 65 million people in 120 countries and territories around the world. Immediately after the invasion to Ukraine, YMCA of Europe has been conducting relief activities in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

The YMCA of Japan will support you in bringing your family members and relatives to Japan by utilizing its global network and cooperation with YMCA of Europe.

Ⅰ We can provide the following support services

YMCA staff/volunteers who provide support for evacuees on site will handle individual cases, take responsibility for them, and provide status reports and other information to the families.

Consultation and support for all of the following, 1-6, or pinpointing the situation is also available.

1.Securing transportation from the border in Poland and neighboring countries (Moldova and Romania), arranging homestays, providing daily necessities, etc. Age, physical condition, and other circumstances, if any, will be fully considered.

2.Assistance with visa application services in Warsaw and other neighboring countries. Preparation and support of visa application forms, identity documents, vaccination certificates, etc. on behalf of the applicant, accompaniment to Japanese embassies, support for PCR testing, etc.

3.Arrangement of airline tickets to Japan and sending of e-tickets. Transportation to the airport, and assistance with departure from Warsaw.

4.Support for preparation of documents required for entry into Japan on behalf of the applicant and provision of sample documents, etc.

5.Support for pick-up and drop-off in Japan Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, etc.

6.Support for daily life in Japan (support for daily life, Japanese language education, educational support for those who have children, etc., and referral to government agencies and other necessary agencies).

Ⅱ Special note

1.The above does not include mobility support within Ukraine, but YMCA also provides support activities within Ukraine, and cooperation is possible depending on the region and timing.

2.In principle, there is no charge for this service. For those who have financial need, YMCA will cover for travel expenses from a third country to Japan.

3.If we receive many requests at once, priority will be given to those who are elderly or have small children. Please understand that we may not be able to meet your request.

Ⅲ Terms and Conditions

1.Have a relative in Japan (a requirement for obtaining a short-stay visa)

2.A family member in Japan can act as a guarantor (requirement for obtaining a short-stay visa)

3.Have a valid Ukrainian passport

4.The evacuee himself/herself must have a smart phone or other means of communication and be able to keep track of his/her location (especially while traveling within Ukraine)

5.Japanese family members must be able to speak and write in English or Japanese and communicate with the YMCA of Japan via e-mail, SNS smoothly.

6.With permission, be able to interview and report on the evacuation situation after entering Japan.

For inquiries and applications, please contact Japan YMCA Alliance:

  • tel 03-5367-6640/090-3507-6809
  • email yokoyama.yuria@japanymca.orga