NPO Kraiany Ukrainian cooking class in Dzherelce school

Today there was a first lesson in the Ukrainian school Dzherelce. It was unusual and successful.

Parents and teachers actively participated in the preparation of NPO Kraiany for special holiday cooking class. Various Christmas Ukrainian dishes were interesting not only for Japanese guests. Young Ukrainians leaving in Tokyo and vicinity also participated in the class and have learned to cook by the recipes by our hosts.

Christmas attributes – vertep, christmas pavuk (spider), didookh – that were prepared by our hosts also caused huge interest among our guests. But the biggest surprize was caused by performance of the children and teachers of the Dzherelce sschool. They performed traditional Ukrainian kolyadky (carols) and, of course, received presents.

Happy New Year and Happy Christmass to everyone! Happiness, health, prosperity for every family ond glogy and victory to our Motherland Ukraine!