9th Vyshyvanka Day in Tokyo

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On 16th of May, 2021 Ukrainians in Japan as part of a global campaign
“Wear Vyshyvanka and support Ukraine” gathered for the 9th time to
celebrate this day.

In Tokyo Ukrainan Vyshyvanka Parade is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of May
each year since 2013, initiated and organized by the Ukrainian community
in Japan “Kraiany” (NPO Kraiany), with the participation of Ukrainian
Emmassy to Japan and Mission of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Tokyo.

During the past years this event became one of the most attended event
presenting Ukrainian clture in Japan and created a platform for
communication and establishing links between Ukrainians and Japanese,
who are eager to learn about Ukraine. This year situation with
coronavirus COVID-19 prevented from holding traitional Vyshyvanks march
on the streets of Japanes capital Tokyo. It was decided to hold
Vyshyvanka Day instead as an open-air event with compliance with all
requirements of sicial distansing and individual protection.

Parricaipated in the event Ukrainian citizens, Japanese friends and
people from other countries. There was also present representative of
the Mayor of City of Yokohama.

One of the points of the event’s program was a competition for the best
Vyshyvanka with a prizes. There was built an improvides stage, where
competitors in crateive and humoruos manner presented their outfits.

Ukrainan folk dances, singing of Ukrainian songs, quiz with a homework
– all of this left an unique impression for the paricipants of the

“It’s not the first time I am participating in the Vyshyvanka Parade. It
took me 2 and half hour to drive here. This is always exciting. These
events are necessity for Japanes. Every such an event is a great
opportunity to learn something new about Ukraine and Ukrainians” – said
one of the attenders, while giving an interview to students of the
Ukrainian school “Dzherelce”.

We do hope that by the next time pandemia situaion will be better and we
will return to our usual format of the parade. After all, walking by the
streets of Tokyo singing Ukrianin song is a unique feeling.

Press service department of the NPO Kraiany,
Ihor Yevtushuk and Oksana Piskunova.