Two months of work by prosthetists and rehabilitators

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We were preparing for this project for a very long time. But now we are ready to talk about amazing results of the work!

(Videos in the comments for the post).

Almost twom months of the non-stop work of the amazing prosthetists and rehabilitators in Mie-ken in collaboration with NPN SanPanSa and our team from Kraiany bring closer dreams of our “Kitties” to reaturn to full life. Motivated, positive, hard workers have considerable success, surprising us and the doctors with the pace of rehabilitation!

This dream would not have been possible for them without the tireless work of Oleksandr Sokolenko among his fellow doctors, without the curatorship of the project by the NPO Kraiany Sofia Kataoka, without close cooperation with the NPO SanPanSa and, of course, without you, our benefactors. After all, it is carried out at your expense – caring people who support Ukraine, bring our victory and peace closer! A low bow to all of you!

Fundraising ends in a day. But the project will last as long as help is needed.

We will win!

We will restore our land!