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Ukrainian community in Japan “Kraiany” was founded in 2000.

From April 2021 organization officially registered in Minato-ku, Tokyo as NPO “Japanese-Ukrainian association of friendship Kraiany” (NPO Kraiany). Registration number 0104-05-019694.

The highest governing body of the organization is the general meeting of members of the organization. The executive body of the organization is the Board of Directors of the organization, which is headed by the President of the organization.

The work of the NPO Kraiany is aimed at expanding international cooperation between Japan and Ukraine in the fields of culture, arts and education. NPO Kraiany cooperates with organizations that promote international cultural ties and strengthen partnerships between our countries.

The NPO Kraiany holds events with the participation of the general public of Japan, involving Ukrainians living in Japan in its work, thus promoting their cohesion.

The goals of the organization are:

provide a platform and opportunity for international communication;
to promote the development of cooperation between Ukrainians and Japanese;
to provide an opportunity for representatives of all nationalities to get acquainted with Ukrainian culture as a part of world culture;
to teach language, culture, preservation of traditions not only of Ukrainian children who live in Japan, but also to acquaint children of other nationalities with the rich history and culture of Ukraine.

NPO Kraiany is ready to partner and cooperate with organizations that share common values, support the development of international cultural ties and are interested in promoting and disseminating knowledge about Ukraine in the fields of culture, education, science, art and more.