"Ukraine. Food and History" book in Japanese

After months of close cooperation between the Ukrainian Institute, the team of translators, Shogakukan CODEX and NPO KRAIANY, this wonderful book "Ukraine. Food and History" has been published in Japanese.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go humanitarian projects in Ukraine organized by NPO KRAIANY. So with the purchase of this book, you can not only familiarize yourself with our wonderful traditional cuisine, table manners and traditions, but also support the victims of the horrendous war crimes.

The work was truly fascinating, but not without its challenges. First, we wanted to convey the names as closest to the Ukrainian sound. Second, not all ingredients can be found in Japanese stores. And most of all - finding replacement products that can still give the similar taste and to describe the process of their preparation.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this project!! It’s been truly an honor to be given the opportunity to work on this project.

You can pre-order on Amazon.

З історії української кухні Food and History ウクライナの料理と歴史